Get real time monitoring of any WIFI Network. Discover how many WIFI Networks are around you and how they overlap each other.

Optimize your WIFI

WIFI Optimizer will let you know the best channel to avoid overlap with the rest of the WIFI Networks. The highway has saveral lanes... if all the cars use the same lane, a traffic jam is guaranteed!

Get 10 WIFIPoints

WIFI Optimizer will evaluate your WIFI Network. The better you have your WIFI Network in terms of right channel usage, signal strength and security, the better score you will get. Get 10 WIFIPoints and share a screenshot with us on Facebook!

Simple & easy WIFI Optimization

You don't have to be an expert to optimize your WIFI

Modern design

Minimalistic and simple design. You will be glad to use WIFI Optimizer.

Up to date

No matter which Android version you have. WIFI Optimizer will run on it.

WIFI Charts

Amazing Charts

Because the most visual, the easyest to understand.

Easy to Optimize

Let WIFI Optimizer do the hard work for you.

They have Optimized their WIFI.

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  • Woohooooooo! It really works, thanks.
    A. Mishra
  • Get it! Gives much needed info.
    G. Heavilin
  • WIFI Optimizer works great!! Love this app. Thanks you.
    L. Ammons
  • Awesome app.
    Google user
  • Great! Very good.
    G. Stavert

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